SharePoint Consulting Services

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Whether your business is getting started with SharePoint or just needs support energizing user adoption of advanced features, Ardent Technologies can help. Our dedicated SharePoint team helps our clients improve content management, document management, reporting, data-sharing, integration with third-party applications, and more. By taking the guesswork out of SharePoint, we simplify your life to let you focus on what really matters: your business.

How May We Assist You?

What are your current SharePoint pain points?

  • I have SharePoint, now how do I get started?
  • My user adoption rate is way too low.
  • My SharePoint portal is nothing more than an expensive shared network drive.
  • My data is not easy to find.
  • I need more efficient knowledge sharing across my enterprise.
  • I need better Business Intelligence & Reporting tools.



Ardent Technologies has experience with providing SharePoint solutions in a wide range of industries and across enterprises. Our SharePoint Consulting Services include:

Design & Implementation Consulting

Let us guide you through all stages of a SharePoint project, from business design, through implementation, adoption, and ongoing support.

Intranet, Extranet, & Internet Website Development

Let us help you plan, design, develop, and deploy SharePoint sites to assist your business share and collaborate information.

Branding Services

Our custom pages, style sheets, templates, themes, and site definitions make your portal stand out from the crowd.


Let us help migrate to a newer SharePoint server or to the cloud. We will ensure that your upgrade process runs as smoothly as possible.

Troubleshooting & Support

We assist with all SharePoint-related questions, whether providing guidance on SharePoint strategy or solving issues, to let you get back to work quickly.