Business Intelligence

Ardent’s business intelligence services provide a foundation to help our customers take informed decisions in favor and growth of the business.  An appropriate business intelligence tool can help customers gain insight from the existing business data. Our skilled business intelligence consultants perform the task in an organized manner and analyze business data in a structured way to recommend the ideal solution that best fits your line of activity.


Ardent’s Business Intelligence team utilizes a variety of business intelligence tools, methodologies and business applications. Our team has experience in creating reports, dashboards, and data visualization to make analytical results through predictive and forecasting reports for decision makers to take decisions to sustain the business growth.


Ardent makes use of diverse business intelligence tools (IBM Cognos, MSBI, OBIEE, SAS, Pentaho, etc.) to propose the right business solution to enterprises. We make use of comprehensive tools to manage and support business data with powerful visuals and tools. Our team recommends the ideal business intelligence tool that can be integrated for reporting, data mining and workflow and for ETL capabilities.


Ardent performs due diligence before recommending any solution to our customers. Based on the information collected, we recommend a solution to achieve profitable growth through better decision making. Ardent has certified business intelligence consultants who have in-depth product knowledge gained through numerous implementation services. Our team strikes an ideal balance between technology and customers business requirements.


Ardent’s Business Intelligence consulting services facilitate implementation of business solutions at various stages of the business life cycle for our customers. Our team delivers the right solution to address the specific business needs. As part of our service, we optimize our consulting services to reduce the risk and succeed in providing the desired business solution that provides a faster return on investment.