Shortcode Cheat Sheet

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Shortcode Code Attributes
Ardent Button
[ardent_button]Content[/ardent_button] link=”” – add link here
new=”” – enter yes to open in a new window
grow=”” – enter yes to use the grow class
Client Portal Box

Ardent Technologies

[ardent_client_portal] All must be used
text=”” – add client name here
link=”” – link to client page
icon=”” – enter link to client logo (height must be 50px and width must be 130px or less)
alt=”” – enter logo alt text
color=”” – enter background color
Context Box

Content Box


[ardent_context_box]Content[ardent_context_box] title=”” – Enter h2 text
set_height=”” – enter height of box Height is now automatcally generated
text_color=”” – enter text color
background_color=”” – enter background color
border_type=”” – enter the type of border
border_color=”” – enter border color
border_width=”” – enter width of border
rounded_corners=”” – enter yes for rounded corners
icon=”” – enter font icon class name
link=”” – enter link if there is one
link_text=”” – enter text for link (required if there is a link, or can be used if box is a link)
icon_position=”” – left, middle, of right
box_clickable=”” – enter yes if entire box should be a link
box_link=”” enter link for entire box
[ardent_separator] none
Font Icons
[ardent_icon] icon=”” – enter icon class name
color=”” – enter the color of the icon
size=”” – enter size of icon