Defy the black box

Ardent’s training experience covers a wide range of technologies spanning enterprise needs, from legacy to cutting-edge.

Our employee training includes technology refresh, imparting domain specific knowledge for a new project, and/or general training on work place safety, customer data confidentiality, and protection/ethics.

We perform end user training during the implementation and deployment of a new or improved software that has been developed or customized for our clients. The trainees are assigned by the clients, and a few sessions are organized onsite or online at a time convenient to them.

After in-depth assessment and analysis of your organization’s existing performance levels and business needs, Ardent designs, develops and implements varied training options to address your specific needs.

Ardent has a keen focus on leveraging emerging technologies through ongoing research, Centers of Excellence, and Strategic Alliances with best-of-breed technology experts.  Our technology-specific training empowers organizations to accomplish their learning and development goals.


  • Class Room Training
  • Onsite Training
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Webinars