Expedited Staffing

We handle the recruiting process and all associated costs so you can focus on your core business.

At Ardent, we use intensive pre-screening procedures, tests, evaluations, and reference checks to clearly understand our candidates’ capabilities. Only candidates who meet or exceed our standards for excellence get referred to you. Below are some of the benefits of Ardent staffing services.

Cost Effective

What’s the point of paying for extra employees year round if you only need them for a very short time? With Ardent staffing services, you pay for the work you need, when you need it, and only for the right skills at the right times, saving a great deal of money in the short and long term.


Staying flexible in business is arguably more important than staying powerful. The ability to adapt is what promises that a company stays ahead of the curve and by using staff augmentation, you can ramp up the intensity of your staff’s work output when needed.


By using Ardent IT staff augmentation, you maintain complete and total control over who is accomplishing the important work, who gets delegated to minor tasks, and who is leading the charge on your most critical and pressing projects.

Less Risk

Outsourcing an IT project is risky. By handing over everything to an outsourcer, you’re relinquishing some of the control and oversight. By augmenting your existing staff with highly trained and knowledgeable staff, you’re keeping things in-house and under your jurisdiction.