Web Development

Site Design

Setting up Home Page on the web is something that any one might be able to do in this digital age but building a powerful professional website requires lot more skills and expertise. Ardent has developed powerful e-commerce sites with industry standard content management systems to many customers from diverse industries and have the right expertise and the skills to develop one for your business.


Before starting a web development project, it is crucial to determine a strategy that includes Choice of Content Management System, target audience objectives, advertising methods, search engine optimization and more. We assist our customers accordingly.

User Centric Navigation

Sites need to be designed with focus on the targeted audience and how easily the user navigates and interacts with the information. This is a critical reference point for any development.

Graphic showcase

Each website is important and a showcase to Ardent portfolio. We add them to our continuously expanding portfolio and make sure that each one of them uses graphic elements that contribute to the value of the site in a meaningful way. We use the most advanced tools for our graphic developments.