Software Testing

Upon completion of the programming phase in the development life cycle, Ardent’s quality control experts conduct a full review to test and correct any errors and ensure that the project meets all specifications. Our rigorous testing processes are well documented and well supported. We provide testing based on requirements, build test cases, and ensure requirements are mapped in the application or product.

Quality must be built into any product/solution during its development life cycle and not added at the end of a project. Most software development organizations today understand this, but don’t know how to effectively integrate software testing into the development process. Ardent helps your software development team to get started on the path of systematic quality process improvement.

Additionally, even those organizations who have the best quality-oriented software development team need occasional help with specific problems or at specific project milestones. Ardent can help with that too, by acting as a “Virtual QA Consultant”.

Services we provide:

  1. QA Jump Start
  2. Testing Throughout Development
    1. Unit Testing
    2. Integration Testing
    3. Regression Testing
    4. Usability Testing
    5. Acceptance Testing
  3. Test Plan Creation
  4. Test Coverage Analysis
  5. Test Automation
  6. Virtual QA Consultant
  7. Remote Software Test Lab
  8. Scalable Software Testing
  9. Strategic Quality Planning