Paperless Workflow

Paperless Workflow

Ardent Technologies Inc. uses Alfresco for all your paperless needs.

Features & Benefits

Document Management

Document Management
Take Control of Critical Content

At the core of Alfresco One is an open source content platform that scales to meet your business needs. Unrivalled support for open standards allows users to choose how to access their content, via the web, desktop, email, etc. while the server enforces access controls and security.

  • – Full access control to ensure the security and integrity of important business content.
  • – Powerful search to easily locate the right content amongst the 100,000’s of documents being managed.
  • – Full version control and commenting to track content changes over time.
Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration
Collaboration for the Extended Enterprise

Alfresco One gives your users the tools they need to securely collaborate internally with colleagues and externally with business partners, prospects, customers, consultants and external agencies – and with complete control.

  • – Dedicated project areas to allow teams to share and collaborate efficiently.
  • – Powerful collaboration tools include project wiki’s, forums, links, blogs and lists.
  • – Synchronization to the cloud to support collaboration with the extended enterprise.
Rich Media Support

Rich Media Support
Move Beyond Simple Document Management

The range of content that needs to be managed has changed. Today users need to manage any corporate information regardless of the format, or, the application that was used to create it. Alfresco One allows users to store and manage any multi-media file (photograph, video, audio file) in one common content database.

  • – Dedicated views to handle a range of rich media file formats.
  • – Automatic extraction and indexing of key metadata to enable easy search.
  • – Ability to view and comment online regardless of the file format.
Business Process Management

Business Process Management
Drive Business Efficiency

Key business processes, such as handling an insurance claim, approving a contract, or processing invoices for payment require that documents are moved through the organisation as efficiently as possible. Alfresco One uses Activiti, a highly configurable java based BPM engine, to allow companies to model important business processes.

  • – Integrated workflow / business process engine to drive key business processes.
  • – Easy to configure rules to automatically initiate and control business processes.
  • – Hybrid workflow allows process synchronization out to business partners in the cloud.
Content Synchronization

Content Synchronization
Single Copy, Always in Sync

Content needs to be created, updated and shared inside and outside the organization. Alfresco One allows users to synchronization documents so that content is always keep in sync – update once and have changes replicated to multiple locations.

  • – Synchronize to a secure network in the cloud to share and collaborate with people outside the organization.
  • – Mobile synchronization allows users to keep content up to date on tablets and smartphones while away from the office.
  • – Social publishing enables content to be posted to social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook or Youtube) for external sharing.
Records Management

Records Management
Control and Compliance

Legislation, industry regulations and compliance requirements mean companies need to securely manage content for the duration of its useful life. But traditional RM solutions have focused of features and not end user adoption. The Alfresco Records Management solution is simple to use, helping drive adoption and compliance.

  • – In place records allow users to declare records from anywhere in Alfresco.
  • – Automation allows content to be declare and filed based on corporate business rules.
  • – Dynamic File Plans remove the burden of managing how and where records are filed.
Case Management

Case Management
Documents and Processes, Together

Organizations with high-volume, content-centric business processes, such as claims processing, contract negotiation, invoice management, and HR processing, require a tailored work environment that allows people to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Alfresco One’s Workdesk provides a focused user experience to process documents and cases quickly and efficiently.

  • – Business role-based approach allows users to focus on exactly what they need to accomplish.
  • – Configuration driven – instead of development; a short time to deployment.
  • – Tight integration with MS Office allows people to get their content into Alfresco easily.
  • – Available solution templates, such as Contract Management, provide a quick start.

Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration
Access Alfresco from email clients

People use Microsoft Outlook as a productivity tool, spending much of their working day sending, and responding, to emails. The Alfresco Outlook Integration provides a seamless connection between Microsoft Outlook and the Alfresco document library. The integration allows users to:

  • – Easily upload emails and attachments to the Alfresco document library.
  • – Search for files managed by Alfresco from within Microsoft Outlook.
  • – Quickly send documents as attachments or links to other users.