Cyber Security

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On average, a security breach goes undetected for 10 months.

Let’s face it – Most companies only start preparing for security issues after it’s too late. Today’s hackers are smarter and more resourceful than ever. Employers need to prevent more issues than viruses, malware, and ransomware: they must be aware of both outside threats and inside issues. That’s why Ardent Technologies Information Assurance Services account for your entire organization, your people, and practices to help mitigate your risk. We call this approach Security as a Culture.

cyber security

How May We Assist You?


  • How do I plan to respond to a breach or threat?
  • How do I evaluate my current security posture?
  • How can I take advantage of the cloud and still protect my information?
  • Do I need to purchase Cyber Security Insurance?
  • How do I best protect my company against insider threats?

Ardent Technologies has provided information assurance services in a wide range of industries and across enterprises. Our Security as a Culture program will:

Identify your internal controls, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Let us guide you through your administrative level tasks including incident handling, disaster recovery, business continuity, contingency plans and configuration management.

Scan your networks to determine your current posture.

Let us help you by analyzing and identifying vulnerabilities on your network. Scanning and penetration testing will include Internally and Externally facing network segments.

Lock down physical level access controls

Make sure that data stays close by evaluating your physical environment through user access and social engineering.

Ensure Regularatory Compliance

Compliance standards change frequently, let us maximize your time by monitoring new standards and regulations.

Enrich your culture through Security Awareness

Let us help you instill a company culture that is unafraid of the word security. A proactive, dynamic security culture is the best threat defense.