SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) is the contracting vehicle that is used to announce, receive, and award all Navy and Marine Corps virtual systems command task orders to approved prime vendors and team industry partners across different geographical zones that are able to provide professional services to all NAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, and field activities. The basic contract is a multiple award service for all companies holding prime contracts. SeaPort Enhanced task activities are offered for bid and are electronically administered after award through a Navy website.

As a prime vendor, ARDENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. will host and maintain this webpage to publicly communicate all awards and task orders to our clients and teammates.

Task Orders Received

As a SeaPort-e prime contractor, Ardent Technologies, Inc. has received the following task orders:
• None at this time

Ardent Technologies, Inc.’s SeaPort-e Team Members

Nu Info Systems, Inc. 524 Datura Street, Suite 114, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Name Department/Title Email Address Telephone Number
Ramesh Jampula President, Marketing 561-693-4505

Customer Satisfaction – Points of Contact

Name Department/Title Email Address Telephone Number
Vas Appalaneni President 937-312-1345
Amanda Brown Contracts Manager 937-886-4547

Ardent Technologies, Inc.’s Quality Assurance Program

Ardent Technologies understands that “Quality” is a team effort that delivers and continuously improves on customer satisfaction and SeaPort-e enterprise goals and objectives. Team Ardent’s integrated quality management approach is directly aligned with “quality first” policy to exceed customer expectations of SeaPort-e execution.

The overall quality approach at Ardent is driven by defining and understanding customer requirements, designing processes, and applying industry metrics, such as responsiveness of managers, quality of staff, cost effectiveness and value, understanding of customer needs, and staff flexibility to ensure consistent application of processes as well as continuous process improvement. If in the periodic reviews by Program Managers, we find deficiencies in service delivery, the process allows for appropriate corrective action. We incorporate these techniques at a task order level along with the knowledge of highly skilled and incumbent personnel to continuously improve customer and end-user satisfaction levels.

Ardent Quality Assurance plan starts at the proposal stage itself and covers the entire gamut of contract preparation/ finalization, software development, and software maintenance and software project management.  Each deliverable from Ardent to the client is subject to rigorous Quality Tests, and the product is refined until the specified quality standards are met. The metrics are collected and analyzed to ensure that the indicators of process and product quality and continuous improvement processes attain higher levels of quality and productivity.

Teams, both internal and external to a project carry out the quality assurance activities in a project. Internal quality assurance activities are done on a continual basis while a separate quality assurance group, headed by the Quality Coordinator, for an independent review, carries out external QA activities. A quality assurance team will be associated with the project, which will ensure that the quality assurance activities are followed from the beginning till the end of the project. The team will have people with expertise in QA procedures, Ardent methodologies and the technical environment. This team will constantly interact with the project team and Quality Coordinator, in monitoring the software quality at every stage of its life cycle.

Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist which ensures that every solution delivered by us measures up to the highest possible international standards.


Ardent Technologies, Inc. Points of Contact for SeaPort-e

Name Department/Title Email Address Telephone Number
Vas Appalaneni President 937-312-1345
Amanda Brown Contracts Manager 937-886-4547