Open Culture

Open Your Mind To Affordable, Reliable IT Solutions

There’s no getting around it: Building software from the ground up takes a great deal of time which, as we all know, means money. Add to that licensing fees and the cost for the developers of custom software to make future changes or updates, and both time and money can spiral out of control. Fortunately, Ardent Technologies has a better idea: Open Source Software.

Free For You and Me

Open Source enables us to develop dependable IT solutions more quickly and affordably without the added cost of licensing fees. And because Open Source provides ready access, no one can hold your data hostage. Moreover, Open Source allows all of your applications to seamlessly share data, if you wish. So you have the freedom to operate your system in the best interests of your business enterprise, not your software developer’s.

Experience & Expertise Count

With all of the advantages Open Source offers, it’s important to consider the role of the software service provider. As a pioneer in Open Source, Ardent Technologies understands the nuances of a wide variety of Open Source products. This is vitally important when it comes to recognizing the right tools for your unique situation.

Our team has the experience necessary to choose the solutions that will best fulfill your needs including initial and future integration with existing systems. We’ve used Open Source for government and commercial customers of all sizes across the country, delivering solutions up to 10 times faster and saving them millions of dollars in project costs.