Mobile First

Our commitment to the mobile web is stronger than ever.

Responsive Design

All websites we develop use responsive (mobile-friendly) code. For everything we develop, we examine how our solution looks across all devices using device emulator software. Your users will be able to easily purchase books and other merchandise from any device. Both the website administrator and website users benefit from responsive web design:

  • Same Content – Authorized users only have to update content and images in one place.
  • Better SEO – Google prefers to index one website, and rankings will benefit from the same URLs and page content.
  • Happy Visitors – Website visitors will have a consistent experience visiting the new website on all devices and screen sizes.

Tailored Mobile Solutions

Our mobile first strategy involves bringing the discussion of mobile usage to the forefront at the very beginning of a project. Implementing responsive code is always part of our website development process, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. We work closely with your team when gathering requirements to identify the best path for you.

Graceful Optimization: With this approach, we create the best user experience possible on a desktop, and then account for each possible degradation when moving to a mobile device and ensure that despite any shortcomings, the site will remain functional. Your standard website will scale back and gradually remove content and features, and the system is simpler when accessed from a mobile device. If most of your end users access your site from a desktop or laptop, this option is likely the best.

Progressive Enhancement: In this route, we put extra emphasis on the mobile platform with the goal of catering to end users with minimal screen real estate, processing power and without third party plugins such as Adobe Flash.  We create an amazing experience that both looks great and functions perfectly. As the need arises, the site can gradually be “enhanced” and even completely rethought for larger platforms with fewer constraints. This option is best for organizations that appeal to a younger demographic.