The MJW Companies

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Client Site
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  • Dated, Proprietary CMS
  • Non-Mobile Friendly
  • Large Company Logo
  • No Online Events Tool
  • Services Not Highlighted
  • Confusing Structure
  • Insecure Site
  • Outdated Photos

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  • WordPress 4.3x
  • Responsive Template
  • Logo Spans the Header
  • Online Events Calendar
  • Services Graphic Rotator
  • Main Menu has Columns
  • Limit Logins & Implement SSL
  • Dropbox Account Creation

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  • Supportable Framework
  • Accessible from Every Device
  • Viewable from All Resolutions
  • Events Tracker & RSVP
  • ‘What We Do’ Explained
  • All content within 3 clicks
  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Plug & Play Image Repository

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Consolidate two existing sites into a single, rebranded corporate website. Keep elements from the old websites such as the logos and seamlessly incorporate them. Restructure the client’s services pages and find ways to bring the information to the surface. A significant amount of the current content is incorrect or out of date. Content must not only be restructured, but also reworked. The client has no current means of demonstrating the breadth and scope of its services and current and past customers. Because the consolidated site will be entirely new, it will need expert search engine optimization configurations.


We placed heavy emphasis on incorporating content, text and images, that is both accurate and captivating. Each page on the website went through multiple iterations of copy editing and each had a folder in the image repository, which we created to facilitate the upload of fresh photos to be added to the new website.

We built the site using the popular CMS WordPress, which helped us meet aggressive deliverable timelines and allowed for greater flexibility in the functionality. We built a mobile-friendly template that was tailored to the client’s large logo and used its colors in the user interface.

The new website features best practice navigation elements, such as a menu with columns, secondary sidebar menus, custom font icons, and a tabbed slideshow on the home page.


On the public-facing side of the site, we built a layout that caters to users’ expectations of where content should be located. To boost retention and add to the company message, we expertly placed images on each page that supplemented and broke up long paragraphs. Specific features such as an interactive events calendar, custom artwork on the home page slideshow, and an svg map of the client locations all work to enhanced user experience. We also configured https routing to build user confidence in the website.

On the backend, we focused on improving SEO by connecting the site to analytics, adding a robots.txt file, generating an XML sitemap, and incorporating best practice SEO techniques into the copy of the pages.

For the knowledge transfer, we created a 22-page manual containing step-by-step tutorials with screenshots, an update strategy for the CMS and all extensions, and a glossary of terms. We also led training seminars to empower the stakeholders in charge of maintaining the site.

The new site also facilitates increased user enrollment in a variety of ways. Our SEO techniques boost the site’s organic search listing. A fresh Join page presents users with the benefits of becoming a subscriber using a captivating, layered image slider capable of displaying embedded videos and state-of-the-art parallex transitions. A supplemental table engages users by outlining the differences between free and paid services.