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We provide customized solutions to our clients. The services we provide are tailored to individual needs of the client. After gathering the client needs, we put together an excellent team from our own employees who will take the project from analysis to the implementation stages. We call this as a *Select Team because the team members are selected based on the Client’s needs and the technical and business requirements pertaining to that individual project.

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Global team is an extension of our service. It is one of our premium services that we offer to our clients worldwide. This is a tested and proven methodology implemented by IT savvy Fortune 500 organizations around the world. This methodology is based on Low-Cost:High-Impact approach. Two Select Teams* function as a single team in this approach giving maximum benfits to the client. This methodology creates a team that works in coordination to complete the project faster and cheaper than having one team at one place.

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Based on the initial analysis, two Select Teams are assigned to the project. One team works at the client site and the other Select Team works at the development center. Both the teams are synchronized by project coordinators, one at each site who also function as project leads. Work between the teams is assigned at the design stage so that the project is completed without any duplication of effort.