We specialize in working with the Federal Government, State & Local Governments, and the Private Industry


As a leading provider of software solutions and services, Ardent has developed a comprehensive model of enterprise applications and technology solutions focused towards Federal government processes and activities.

Over the past few years, Ardent has gained considerable ground in the industry by deploying our solutions in numerous federal, regional, and local government agencies across the country. Ardent offers a diverse solutions suite for Federal government organizations that includes both large-scale and right-sized solutions designed to be compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Our solutions offered range from website design and development to large-scale, enterprise-level deployments.

Ardent has been providing services to the following departments in the federal space:

  1. Library of Congress – Application Design Services using Oracle APEX
  2. Library of Congress – Application Maintenance and Support Services
  3. US Department of Agriculture – Drupal Website design and development for Pacific North West Research Station
  4. US Department of Justice – SharePoint Development
  5. US Department of Energy – IT Help Desk and Technical Support for Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC), Cincinnati
  6. Air Force – AFLCMC – Cyber Security Assessment and Authorization (A&A) Analysis and Training Program Development
  7. US Department of Justice – Office of the United States Attorney – Business Analyst/Contract Auditor/Investigator for Health Care Fraud and Abuse



Ardent is an established player in providing software and technology solutions and services to state level government agencies as well as to cities, counties, and school districts.

Our team members are experts in developing digital assets for state agencies and departments, optimizing their business process, and developing software applications to address key performance areas, and enabling them to connect directly with their target audiences.

Over the years, Ardent has been delivering solutions across various departments including public safety, justice, human services, public health and transportation. Our clients have since enjoyed enhanced capabilities through our work in transformation consulting, process design, change management, organization optimization, IT and business alignment, program management, and planning.

Ardent has been providing services to the following governments:

  1. City of New York
  2. City of Minneapolis
  3. City of Phoenix
  4. City of Pasadena
  5. Ohio Department of Education
  6. Greater Dayton Premier Management

and many more…..


Ardent has been providing software services and solutions across multiple commercial sector domains to resolve complex business problems, foster growth and innovation, and reduce cost of ownership. Ardent provides business-specific solutions and services that provide strategic insight and deliver powerful capabilities to meet industry-specific challenges, keep up with ever evolving business needs, and achieve compliance through dedicated support resources and professional services.