Ardent has received ISO 9001-2015 certification for Quality Management Systems. This certification substantiates our capabilities in providing quality solutions and/or services. We reiterate our dedication to enhancing customer confidence and satisfaction. Key components of Ardent’s quality policy are:

  • Verified customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Understanding and conforming to customer requirements
  • Maintaining a compliant ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System
  • Providing ongoing monitoring, measuring, and analysis of all quality management system processes

Ardent is a certified 14001-2015 company. All our processes adhere to the international specification for environmental management system (EMS) enabling our organization to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks as part of service/solution delivery processes and practices. Key components are:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Focus on reduction in pollution, waste, energy conservation.
  • Adherence to environmental legal compliance and corporate social responsibility
  • Provide a benchmark for improvement and effectively monitor and measure environmental performance.