Hamilton County Law Library

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  • Small budget
  • Confusing Navigation
  • ORALL Restrictions
  • Hundreds of Pages
  • Certain Content on Sister Sites

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  • WordPress 3.9
  • Powerful Functionality Additions
  • Strategic Navigation Elements
  • SEO Techniques
  • Merge Content onto Single Site

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  • Mobile Friendly Frontend
  • Powerful and Intuitive Backend
  • Feature-rich Interface
  • Faster Access to Information
  • High Level of Scalability



Redesign HCLL’s public-facing site with a modern theme, one that is scalable, mobile-friendly, and includes expanded functionality. All aspects must comply with ADA guidelines as well as the Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries (ORALL). Solution’s backend must be flexible and user-friendly because it will be maintained by non-technical personnel. Empower staff and subscribers with the ability to accomplish more tasks online.


We began by mapping the site’s current structure to gain a better understanding of its hierarchy and content. We also conducted a needs analysis on end-users. Major functionality incorporated in the site includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization: We added a powerful tool that analyzes every page’s performance and
    recommends ways to enhance it, such as adding keywords, a meta description, and headers with keywords. In
    addition, we trained staff on publishing blogs directly from WordPress by creating posts.
  • Email Encoder: HCLL staff wanted their emails to be easily accessible, but protected from bot harvesting.
  • Course Registration & Room Reservation: Users can view open classes and register online. They can also
    book 1 of 4 study rooms in the available timeslots.
  • Auto-login: HCLL serves as a gateway to a variety of databases, but until now, subscribers had to separately
    log in to each database they visited.
  • Fillable Forms: We converted PDF documents into web pages that can be completed and submitted online.
  • Unique Landing Page: Our customized home page lists free and paid services in a tabbed image slider, so
    users can clearly distinguish between the 2 categories. It also pulls the latest blog posts into a text slider box.


The solution far exceeded the previous site in visual appeal and capabilities and was in line with HCLL’s branding guide. Users now have faster access to information with one-click login and auto-login to other databases and the ability to search the catalog right from the home page. Navigational elements in the sidebar, header, footer, and breadcrumbs help effectively guide users to their desired page. The site can easily be scaled, with inactive components such as an e-commerce and advertising tools installed that can quickly add expanded functionality to the site when they are activated.

Our automation of services such as reserving a room and fillable forms creates more “self-serve” opportunities and frees up time for staff to accomplish other tasks.

The new site also facilitates increased user enrollment in a variety of ways. Our SEO techniques boost the site’s organic search listing. A fresh Join page presents users with the benefits of becoming a subscriber using a captivating, layered image slider capable of displaying embedded videos and state-of-the-art parallex transitions. A supplemental table engages users by outlining the differences between free and paid services.

We also created a promotional video for the client. Watch it below.

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