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Acquisition Support

Ardent has proven experience in the development and execution of effective and efficient federal acquisition programs. We begin with reviewing the key strategic goals for the acquisition against the predefined parameters such as program objectives, cost and risk to aid the decision-making process and ensure the approved element is chosen. Our services also embrace developing appropriate strategies for existing assets to enhance return on investment. Our team has experience in providing and coordinating the following Acquisition

Support activities:

Business Intelligence

Ardent’s business intelligence services provide a foundation to help our customers take informed decisions in favor and growth of the business. Our skilled business intelligence consultants perform the task in an organized manner and analyze business data in a structured way to recommend the ideal solution that best fits your line of activity.


Ardent has experience deploying diverse business intelligence tools (IBM Cognos, MSBI, OBIEE, SAS, Pentaho, etc.) to propose the right business solution to enterprises. We make use of comprehensive tools to manage and support business data with powerful visuals and tools. Our team basis our recommendations to suit your needs and always look for a business intelligence tool that can be integrated for reporting, data mining and workflow and for ETL capabilities

Financial Management

Ardent provides a range of financial management services to help its customers improve their finance department’s efficiency. We provide advice and assistance in formulating business strategies to streamline spending, manage risk and achieve compliance to regulations.

Our services help in –

HelpDesk & Call Centers

If your business is facing challenges in identifying and resolving technical issues, Ardent will help you address them by providing technical support over voice and email. We take customer support services a step higher by making sure we understand the background of our customers’ business environment, system variables, and business requirements. We ensure that our clients are served with the latest technology and infrastructure, to provide superior customer support and fuel positive growth for our client business. Our help desk and call services can manage and support tiers 1-3 and cover a variety of areas, including:

Enterprise Infrastructure

Ardent provides Managed IT Services to keep pace with ever-evolving business needs by focusing on reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), improving IT infrastructure performance, and increasing flexibility. With Ardent’s Managed IT Services, our customers gain faster returns on their IT investment, secure maximum business value, and cost-effectively manage their IT operations with high-quality solutions that use IT infrastructures and resources to their fullest potential.

We maintain high customer satisfaction levels by meeting SLAs that require round-the-clock management and monitoring. We can provide expertise as the primary management team or additional resources to supplement your staff.

Ardent’s Infrastructure Management (IM) is a unified framework for incident, change, and problem management for desktop, network, and telecom services. Our experienced personnel, who are subject matter experts in domains such as networking, telecom, and systems, are highly skilled at leading customer staff.

Quality Assurance

At Ardent, we conduct end-to-end QA process including test planning, test case development, test environment setup, test execution and test cycle closure. Our services encompass industry standard methodologies in managing full cycle testing projects, from quality assurance framework development to outsourced solution or product support testing.  Our team works efficiently in agile, traditional, and hybrid environments.

Application & Software Development

Ardent develops and maintains software combining proven software engineering disciplines and approaches adapted to the specific business requirements of our customers. We undertake fixed price or time and materials projects using Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid methodologies. Our flexible model means you can choose to insource outsource your project with the same high-quality outcomes. We custom-develop software solutions to meet the most challenging business problems, produce faster returns on investment, and produce optimum results.

Ardent service areas

Custom Application Development

Our highly qualified technical development team has immense experience in building secure custom web and desktop applications. We have successfully developed enterprise-level applications over many platforms across multiple domains.

Application Integration/Management

Ardent helps integrating new systems with existing legacy systems. Our multi-skilled, multi-platform development personnel are experienced in integrating platforms across enterprise applications. In many of our projects, we integrate our implementations with existing enterprise systems.

Mobile Application Development

Ardent provides Android, iPhone, and Windows mobile app development services for both large enterprises and individuals interested in getting their ideas developed. Ardent assists in the full development lifecycle, from scoping the solution to successful deployment to respective app-stores. With our keen understanding of relevant platform guidelines, we provide recommendations on how to ensure that the developed app is approved first time.

IT Consulting Services

Along with providing IT solutions, we also offer consulting services. Ardent’s technical personnel can support activities across all phases of a software development life cycle.

Expedited Staffing

At Ardent, we use intensive pre-screening procedures, tests, evaluations, and reference checks to clearly understand our candidates’ capabilities. Only candidates who meet or exceed our standards for excellence get referred to you. Below are some of the benefits of Ardent staffing services.

Cost Effective

What’s the point of paying for extra employees year round if you only need them for a very short time? With Ardent staffing services, you pay for the work you need, when you need it, and only for the right skills at the right times, saving a great deal of money in the short and long term.


Staying flexible in business is arguably more important than staying powerful. The ability to adapt is what promises that a company stays ahead of the curve and by using staff augmentation, you can ramp up the intensity of your staff’s work output when needed.


By using Ardent IT staff augmentation, you maintain complete and total control over who is accomplishing the important work, who gets delegated to minor tasks, and who is leading the charge on your most critical and pressing projects.

Less Risk

Outsourcing an IT project is risky. By handing over everything to an outsourcer, you’re relinquishing some of the control and oversight. By augmenting your existing staff with highly trained and knowledgeable staff, you’re keeping things in-house and under your jurisdiction.

Investigation Services

Ardent provides comprehensive investigative consulting services to state and federal agencies across the nation. Our skilled, fully licensed professionals specialize in investigating health care fraud and employment discrimination, including Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) discrimination per Title 29 C.F.R. PART 1614 (EEO-MD-110).

Ardent brings industry knowledge, deep sensitivity, and keen expertise to audits and investigations involving individuals, professionals, recognized community business leaders, or financial entities with substantial business operations. We also investigate employment activities that encompass misrepresentations, discrimination, violations of civil rights and sexual misconduct.

Our services include –

Cloud Computing

What is it? Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Where in the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing allows people access the same kinds of applications through the internet. Here are some benefits of switching to the cloud.

Legacy Application Support

Ardent provides mainframe development, maintenance and support services to a growing customer base. Using a project-based or bundled approach, Ardent tailors a solution/service delivery model to provide services required.

Ardent provides support services to ensure the continual operational capability and performance level of software systems and applications including, but not limited to, the following:

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