Coalescence, LLC

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  • No Cloud-Based System
  • Tight Budget & Deadlines
  • Inconsistent / Incorrect Data
  • Only One Level of Access
  • No Reporting Mechanism
  • Cannot Connect Data
  • Limited Tracking
  • No Data Dashboard

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  • Vtiger CRM 6.3
  • An Open Source Application
  • Cleanse & Redundancy Check
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Report Manager & Templates
  • Dataset Relationships
  • Notes, Histories, & Audit Trail
  • Data Logs, Charts, & Graphs

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  • Greater Ease of Use & Access
  • Easy to Deploy & Customize
  • Highly Accurate Reports
  • Control Who Sees What
  • Compile Any In-system Data
  • Simple to View Related Data
  • Record Iteration Visibility
  • High-level, Real-time Views



The existing Client Relationship Manager (CRM) setup was a series of locally hosted spreadsheets maintained by a variety of different departments, resulting in siloed, redundant, and inconsistent customer relationship data that added unnecessary time to each transaction. Coalescence would experience periodic prevention of access to critical sales and engagement data should a key stakeholder be unavailable.


Ardent implemented Vtiger CRM, a more reliable cloud-based system that is affordable, user-friendly, universally accessible, and offered a smooth transition mid-operations. As an open source application built in 2004, Vtiger is mature, extendable, and well-documented by the large community. The easy-to-use interface also reduced employee learning curves. The solution contains the following robust features:

  • Simple-to-use import and export, where spreadsheet header columns can be aligned with Vtiger fields
  • Filter creation to display and sort specific fields within a dataset
  • Drag and drop documents for efficient file(s) uploading and linking it to a particular record
  • Custom field generation with a variety of field types such as a pick list, text box, checkbox, & much more
  • User profiles management that determine intricate access levels
  • Detailed log of activity as it pertains to every individual record for better tracking


Coalescence has discovered that Ardent’s solution gives its team members a much more comprehensive bird’s-eye view of relationships: team members can track which products are related to what organizations and which suppliers are certified by linking documents without losing sight of account management details like activities to complete and contacts to make. The solution also addresses federal food compliance standards with custom fields, filters, & reports that heighten the visibility of items such as risk levels and certifications.

The new system can store, track, & evaluate every lead and opportunity. Doing so entails more focus on high-value deals and others requiring special attention, enabling higher win-rates. Increased data collection capabilities, and powerful alert systems and reporting tools also ensure that the organization’s management is always plugged into what’s happening, and is be more informed in its decision making about lead nurturing and future products and services. Other benefits include:

  • Comprehensive contact profiles, notes, and engagement
  • Greater visibility into, and management of, high-value deals
  • Seamless transition from collection to reporting on data
  • More operationally relevant workflow automation and reporting


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